Source production for NDT

ISOTREND produces Iridium-192 sealed sources, the most commonly used radioisotope for the radiographic method for non-destructive testing. Sources are suitable for all standard types of gamma ray projectors

Source Specification:

  • Half-life: 74 days
  • Radiation energies: 206 – 612 KeV
  • Single encapsulation of iridium discs
  • Uniform discs dimensions
  • Production according to ISO 2919
  • ISO classification: C64545
  • Stainless steel capsule: TIG welded
  • Testing for contamination and leakage according to ISO 9978

Source types:

LIR-04/006, Dimensions 4×6 mm (Ø x h)

LIR-05/008, Dimension 5×8 mm (Ø x h)

The activity of the sources is from 10 Ci to 270 Ci max.

Other sources:

Radiography Selen-75 (Type SR-17, GS75M11 and GS75M12) supply

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